Aella is partnering up with Tizeti, a leading provider of solar-powered high-speed broadband, to power internet credit payments across West Africa. The new partnership allows Tizeti customers to pay for essential internet access using Aella Pay credit-lines, operating similarly to “buy-now-pay-later” schemes.

Short-term cash flow fluctuations can be devastating for small businesses in Africa who rely on internet access for their income, with pay-as-you-go ISPs offering little long-term security. Aella Pay empowers Tizeti customers with up to 1 month of guaranteed internet access, providing thousands of people and businesses with vital access to the internet in times of financial need.

"Access to the internet represents a fundamental human right in the 21st Century." Said Akin Jones, CEO of Aella, "We’re proud to be working with Tizeti to guarantee our customers access to such a vital resource, and with Aella Pay, millions of customers can rest easy knowing that their internet is secure."

The partnership will bring over 1 million new Tizeti customers into the Creditcoin ecosystem, with all associated Aella Pay credit transactions set to be recorded on the Creditcoin Network once the full Aella-Creditcoin integration goes live later this year.